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Company Profile

Company Profile

Zybio Inc. (referred to hereinafter as “Zybio”)is a state level high-tech enterprise founded in year 2008, distinguishes herself with a comprehensive line of IVD reagents and devices, including research & development, production and technical services.

Zybio locates her base in the southwest of China and has her business network cover the whole country; meanwhile, Zybio aims further to expand abroad, to form an “ecological chain” of the IVD trade. Zybio has always been keeping her promise “what the client needs, Zybio pursuits”, managing to respond within 1 hour, and have her service at site within 12 hours.

The three R&D centers of Zybio are located respectively in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing, forming a stable pattern of R&D distribution. The Shanghai R&D Center focuses on molecular diagnosis and the up-stream materials; the Guangzhou Center on the R&D of diagnosis devices; the Chongqing Center on the biochemical and immunological projects. The R&D team takes up already 1/3 of the total members of the company, has acquired over 150 registration certificates, of which the main products include automatic biochemical analyzer, automatic Point-of-Care Testing (POCT) devices, and reagents for biochemical and immunological assay, and molecular diagnosis.

Our grand course has just begun, and the ideal that brings us together resounds. We in Zybio shall remain devoted in the IVD trade and trying to establish a “for the people” industry environment.


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